“Henry's is small, good and unique, something the Seattle needs more of.”

“I think it's now called Henry's Taiwanese - And it is sooooo grub.

First off, Henry (the Owner) is the Homie, such a cool easy going guy. Always makes you feel welcome. Same as it was when he was runnin Rockin Wok.

This place has a lot of the same things that made the original rockin wok grubin. Don't miss the Wontons in Chili oil with crushed peanuts ---- Mmmmm. Might just loose a finger. One of the cool things to try is the healthy purple rice. It's like a brown rice only naturally purple. I tried it with the fish. On the other side of the spectrum there are TWO different kinds of stinky tofu here - what!? Warning it smells like poop but that's not Henry's fault... Anywhere that does stinky tofu right it smells like a hot funky turd YET for some odd reason you seem compelled to try it once in your life. Especially when you see all the other people eating it like it actually tastes good.

Henry's is small, good and unique, something the Seattle needs more of. It's not fine dining and only has a few tables and Henry was actually putting on a few extra coats of paint while I was leaving. So don't expect wild ginger. Try Henry's you won't be sorry.”

Jon M.

King, WA

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