Customer Testimonials

Going to Henry's is like being invited to a great comforting meal at a good friend's house. That's how Henry runs his place.
- Veronica S.Seattle, Wa.

I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to try authentic Taiwanese flavors and food!
- Sara C.Westminster, CO

Great food, hilariously entertaining owner, perfect combination to bring me back again and again.
- Dwayne J.Bellevue, WA

Henry's is small, good and unique, something the Seattle needs more of.
- Jon M.King, WA

Henry's Taiwan Kitchen had me feelin' like I was tucked away in a more-quiet-than-normal hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Taiwan itself.
- Winnie S.Seattle, WA

The food is awesome and pretty much everything I've tried here is delicious--dumplings, noodles, stinky tofu, fish, fried rice etc.
- Yadz T.Seattle, WA

For the price you pay, I thought it was a very generous portion!
- Ling S.Naples, FL

I dream about the beef noodle soup here.... and I don't even really like to eat soup in general!
- Jackie H.Seattle, WA

Food is very delicious. Feels like home cooked dishes. Everything on the menu are similar to Taiwan style street food.
- Alex L.Seattle, WA

Even though the basil chicken plate was huge, we couldn't stop eating it and so finished it by the end of lunch.
- Alice T.Seattle, WA

Love this place! When i first found out about it, I came here twice a week for many weeks.
- Steph C.Houston, TX

Really, truly, a basically perfect dining experience: great host, great food. And of course, we really did enjoy the food.
- Juli M.Olympia, WA

The pork chop was very freshly fried and was salty, crispy, and delicious.
- Sonia C.Seattle, WA

It's most authentic Taiwan food that I have had in the Seattle/Bellevue area (I lived in Taiwan for years).
- John A.Lak Oswego, OR

If you're craving for good stinky tofu in Seattle, this is the place to go.
- Katherine S.Kirkland, WA

The food is authentic and delicious! Henry is one of the best Taiwanese chefs in Seattle area with creative ideas. Definitely go back for more!
- Brian L.Seattle, WA

I've gone with some of my Taiwanese friends and they all love it. They say that the food reminds them of their mother's cooking.
- Naomi M.Bellevue, WA

I was really craving Taiwanese food and I was worried I wouldn't be able to find good Taiwanese food...
- Cathy M.South-Lake Union, WA

I'm Taiwanese, my mom is Taiwanese and we come from a great culinary family of master chefs. We know Taiwanese food. This meal still hit the spot.
- Josephine L.San Francisco, CA

I think I licked my bowl clean... The beef noodle soup is so soooooooooooooooo good.
- Kate S.Seattle, WA

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